2019 Washington Psychologist Awards

Fall 2019: Volume 75, Number 2

The 2019 Washington Psychologist Awards were presented during the lunch on Friday of the Fall Convention. Each year WSPA recognizes individuals and organizations who have contributed meaningfully to the purpose of WSPA, which is to support, promote and advance the science, education and practice of psychology in the public interest. 

Distinguished Psychologist Award: Is given in recognition of significant contributions to the field of psychology. This award recognizes outstanding professional contributions to knowledge, to applied psychology in professional practice, or in the public interest, while a resident of Washington State.

This year’s winner is Dr. Jude Bergkamp’s outstanding contributions to the field not only add to the knowledge and practice of all psychologists, but serve the wider public interest nationally at a critical time in our history where stemming the tide of prejudice and discrimination fortified by psychological research is needed. Being involved in challenging federal projects like “Operation Streamline” and exploring social privilege, Dr. Bergkamp’s dedication for integrating principles of both psychology and social justice into all aspects of his professional life is shown by his commitment in teaching and research to community service and mentorship.

Distinguished Psychologist Award winner Jude Burgkamp, Psy.D. (left) and G. Andrew H. Benjamin JD, Ph.D., ABPP

Sustained Service Award: Is given in recognition for outstanding and career-long service to the Washington State Psychological Association and the field of psychology

This year’s winner, Dr. Molly Reid, is a Board Certified Psychologist who enjoys working with adults, teens, and children. Dr. Reid has served on the faculties of the clinical programs at the University of Washington (UW), Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral sciences; the UW Clinical Psychology Graduate program; Seattle Children’s Hospital; Child Health and Developmental Disabilities CHDD; Antioch University; Georgetown University Charter Fellows Program; and, the National Head Start Project. She has published extensively in the areas of cognition, attention, self-reflections, and emotions. Her work has been recognized and supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the National Department of Health, and the Department of Education. As part of her research she has designed a set of dialogue tools for assessing growth and change in family members that has been translated into different languages and is used internationally. Dr. Reid is a managing partner at Seattle Psychology and a consultant and co-founder at Eastside Psychological Associate.

Sustained Service Award winner Molly Reid, Ph.D., ABPP

Social Issues Award: Is given in recognition of outstanding work to advance the mental health of the community and apply psychology in the public interest. 

This year’s winner, Dr. Jeff Baird began an amazing clinic that serves underserved and people who would not normally be able to access services. Beginning with just one office in 2008, Affordable Counseling has served thousands of adults, teenagers, and children while Dr. Baird has also provided clinical training and supervision to dozens of interns. With a generous, gracious spirit and a mission to provide excellent quality services and hope to Affordable Counseling’s clients, Dr. Baird humbly and skillfully meets the clients’ needs while also providing an exciting training ground for master’s and doctoral level counseling interns.

Social Issues Award winner Jeff Baird, Ph.D. (left) and Board of Trustees member, Casey Ward, Psy.D.

Public Citizen Award: Honors a public citizen or organization that has contributed to the psychological health of their community.

This year’s winner, Dr. Bobby Kizer spent their first year in Spokane after relocating from New Orleans, starting Spectrum Singers, with the following mission: “Through the power of song, we empower and unite the community, amplify diverse voices and serve as a catalyst for positive social change.” Spectrum Singers have an impressive commitment to diversity: “We specifically invite and affirm people from all sexual orientations and gender identities and their allies. We also celebrate all other areas of diversity including (but not limited to): race, color, national origin, ability, age, and religion. This is a space where people from all walks of life can find validation, solidarity and celebration.” They are already making beautiful music at a variety of community events in Spokane, and have grown within the first year to a welcoming community of 60 singers! Dr. Kizer is also a strong advocate for social justice through balancing the resources, opportunity, and power of all people so that minority groups of all kinds can enjoy all the same privileges of the majority while ending discrimination both on individual/personal levels as well as the systemic level. 

Public Citizen Award winner Bobby Kizer, Ph.D.

Legislative Service Award: Honors a Washington State elected official who has contributed to the psychological health of their community.

Representative Nicole Macri, WA 43rd LD has worked tirelessly to improve the mental health community as the Deputy Director for the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC) in Seattle. She perseveres in work in that role while also serving in the State House of Representatives where she can continue that work on a broader level. She has also expressed interest in working on legislation with WSPA’s Legislative Advocacy Committee (LAC).

Legislative Service Award winner Representative Nicole Macri, WA 43rd LD

Presidential Service Award: Honors the outgoing President of the Board, in recognition of the service rendered.  

Dr. Dominika Breedlove, served as the 2019 board president after serving as President Elect during her first full year on the board. Many of here accomplishments are behind the scenes meeting with various committee chairs, expanding the size of the board, and updating the by-laws document reflecting updates from the past few years. She is a licensed clinical psychologist at Columbia Valley Community Health (CVCH), a Joint Commission-certified Patient Centered Medical Home serving the Chelan and Douglas counties. She serves a dual role as both a provider and the Director of Training for CVCH’s APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship program and the developing postdoctoral fellowship program. 

Presidential Service Award winner Dominika Breedlove, Psy.D. (left) and Board of Trustees Vice President/Treasurer Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D.

G. Andrew H. Benjamin Award: Is given in recognition of an individual members outstanding and tireless contributions to the Washington State Psychological Association.

Dr. Sonia Venkatraman joined the Board of Trustees in 2016 and agreed to become President Elect at her first meeting. She is the first WSPA president to serve two consecutive terms and her list of accomplishments for WSPA are nothing short of amazing. A short list includes restructuring the membership levels to be benefits driven versus based on years in practice, recruited workshop presenters, served as registration check-in person for one day Spring workshops, served as Convention Chair for three years, Interim CE Approval Chair, and recruited board members. She will term off the board in 2019 but has committed to being involved with WSPA as 2020 Convention Chair.

The Trustees and staff kept the awarding of the G. Andrew H. Benjamin Award to Dr Venkatraman a surprise during convention planning. We are glad we pulled it off!

G. Andrew H. Benjamin Award winner Sonia Venkatraman Ph.D., Board of Trustees President (left), Dominika Breedlove, Psy.D., (center) and Board of Trustees President Elect/Treasurer Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D.(right)