2020 Board of Trustee Elections now open

By: Marvo Reguindin, Executive Director
Fall 2019: Volume 75, Number 2

The 14-day electronic voting period is now open and will end on December 27th. We have two Trustees for the membership to vote on with 10% of the members needed to validate the vote. You can cast your vote at this link: 2019 Board of Trustees Ballot

Dr. Shelley Mackaman has ended her first term and is on the ballot for a vote to serve a second term. Her bio is attached to her ballot.

Dr. David Wiesner

Dr. David Wiesner was appointed to an open board position this past July and is on the ballot for a vote for him to serve his first 3 year term. His bio is attached to his ballot.

If you have interest in serving on the WSPA board, please see the related article at this link.