Forensic psychologists needed for Expert Witnesses from the Pacific Northwest

Fall 2016: Volume 72, Number 2
by Kristen Baldwin

Expert Witnesses from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska & British Columbia) have joined to create a new association named the Pacific Northwest Network of Forensic Expert Witnesses (PN2FEW). What started out as an informal networking group has grown into an active association to advance the cause and raise the profile of expert witnesses in this region. The PN2FEW association has quickly become the resource for litigators to find experts for their cases. Requests for forensic psychologists have become more frequent, and while the association has a smattering of experts in the mental health area, more are needed to meet this need.

“I was consulting with several experts on their marketing and business development when I realized that experts often worked in a vacuum. I reached out to clients and asked if they wanted to meet and 6 months later, we have a booming association,” said Kristin Baldwin, the Baldwin Network & founder of the Pacific Northwest Network of Forensic Expert Witnesses.   “We welcome professionals that are thinking of entering this field to very experienced into this group because we have found that only through education and free exchange of ideas, will the professional standards be raised and the field of forensic expert witnesses be more respected.”

The association’s main mission is to support experts through marketing assistance, professional development and information sharing in all disciplines. Criteria for membership is the willingness to take cases from both sides of the bar. Members of the association are eligible to participate in the monthly continuing education meetings, have access to a private listserv to ask questions or receive referrals and can elect to be on the searchable expert witness database.

Membership is free at this time while the association is building. To learn more about the Pacific Northwest Network of Forensic Expert Witnesses and to see a list of upcoming trainings, visit

The Pacific Northwest Network of Forensic Expert Witnesses is an association formed to promote ethical and thorough expert examinations and analyses of facts as they relate to legal matters.