Affordable Care Act Repeal


President-elect Donald Trump and congressional leaders have made clear that their top legislative priority is to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Congress will be voting in the next few weeks on ACA repeal.  We need your help to tell Congress not to repeal the ACA without simultaneously replacing the law with legislation that fully protects mental health benefits.

The ACA has extended coverage to 22 million previously uninsured Americans in the small group and individual markets, and has extended protections requiring coverage of mental and behavioral health and substance use services at parity with physical health coverage for 60 million Americans.  The ACA further ensures that health plans cover a standard package of mental health benefits, ban pre-existing condition exclusions, and remove annual and lifetime dollar limits for insurance coverage.

Together, we worked hard for the ACA’s passage.  Help us preserve the key components of the ACA that are improving access to mental health care and helping protect you and your clients. Click here for a link to a letter to both House and Senate members on ACA repeal.

If you use social media, tweet your Members of Congress, too!  Below are a couple sample tweets:

  • .@ [insert member’s twitter handle] Vote “No” on repeal without replace! #NoRepealWithoutReplace
  • .@ [insert member’s twitter handle] Protect #ACA mental health benefits #CoverageMatters

Your efforts will help provide needed pressure to ensure mental health protections are not stripped from federal law.