WSPA American Psychological Association Delegates and Representatives

Spring 2016: Volume 72, Number 1
by Marvo Reguindin

All members have the opportunity to become a WSPA delegate or representative to APA. These national coordinators are nominated by the WSPA membership base to represent our organization at APA conferences and conventions. Becoming a representative for WSPA and taking a leadership role is the best way to make the most of your membership. There are four representative roles for WSPA and although these roles are currently filled, we always welcome members interested in taking a leadership role to contact us for more information. You can view the descriptions of each position on the WSPA website and contact Sierra VanderHoogt, WSPA Office Manager at

Public Education Campaign Coordinator – Nancy Goldov (Term ending 2016)

Federal Advocacy Coordinator- Samantha Slaughter

Representative to Committee on Women in Psychology Network- Samantha Slaughter

Council Representative – Marta Miranda