APA Annual Convention: A Historical Reunion Celebrating Psychology’s Best


August 3–6  |  Washington, DC

Join the APA in Washington, DC, August 3-6, 2017 for the 125th APA Annual Convention. Past attendees will remember the wealth of knowledge that emerges from spirited collaboration among the world’s most insightful, innovative, and brilliant mental health experts and the value of connecting face-to-face with leaders from all segments of the field – academia, research, independent practice, health care, government, corporate, consulting and others.

APA’s robust program of distinguished invited speakers, extensive division-focused programming, newly added intra-disciplinary sessions, and networking events continues to grow and evolve, remaining current with trends in the field. By attending, you will enrich your relationships in the psychology community, satisfy your learning interests, benefit from the power of collective thought, and become a part of APA history as we celebrate 125 years of psychology.

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The Opening Session will feature an illuminating conversation with renowned psychologist and Nobel Laureate, Daniel Kahneman, Ph.D., notable for his work on the psychology of judgement and decision-making, as well as behavioral economics.

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