Billing Services Update

Fall 2016: Volume 72, Number 2
by Marvo Reguindin

WSPA members now have two billing services to help members focus on their practice. Last year, the board approved Lilac City Billing Services in Spokane and this past September we added Associates in Behavioral Health Account Services in Seattle. Both billing services were vetted by the Board of Trustees to handle insurance billing, practice management including Medicaid, and Medicare billing.

You will find the two services listed on the website under the “About” pulldown tab (About>Member Benefits>Billing Services). If there are additional professional services that you would like WSPA to vet and list for members to patronize, please fill out the form at the end of this article.

Associates in Behavioral Health
818 12th Ave
Seattle WA 98122
Ph: 206-329-5255, Fax: 206-726-1878

ABHS has been providing billing services to mental health providers for over 20 years. ABHS is owned by three psychologists and a psychiatrist, who also use the billing service for our own practices. We are invested as providers in the accurate, complete and quick resolution of medical claims.  We provide a one-on-one orientation for new ABHS providers that explains what we do and what we need from the provider to successfully process their claims.  We find that over 90% of claims are paid within three weeks of electronic submission.  We also send monthly statements to patients and re-bill claims that are past-due.  We tailor our process to a degree to meet individual provider preferences.  We do not track patients status with their insurance, leaving the liability on the patient to understand the limits of their own policies.

Lilac City Billing Services
Melissa Engles – Owner
319 W. Hastings Rd., Ste A112
Spokane WA 99218
Ph: 509.995.6875
Fax: 509.290.5913

We offer exceptional support for mental health professionals in private practice, with complete insurance billing and practice management including Medicaid and Medicare billing.

“I have exclusively utilized Lilac City Billing Services since 2011. Melissa has consistently attended to all of my practice billing needs with professionalism and immediacy. Melissa has always demonstrated willingness to adapt her services to meet the specific needs of my business. She has continually maintained exceptionally low accounts receivable balances. I highly recommend Lilac City Billing Services to any mental health professional in private practice.  Melissa has given me the opportunity to focus on my clients and caseload with the confidence that my billing is managed efficiently.”

Heather Dazell, MSW, LICSW


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