Board Elections in December

By: Dominika Breedlove, Psy.D., President, WSPA Board of Trustees
Fall 2019: Volume 75, Number 2

Dear Colleagues,

What an amazing, energizing, and activity-filled year this has been for WSPA! As 2019 is ending, we will hold our annual Elections for the Board of Trustees in December. There will be a 14-day electronic voting period from 12/13-12/27. The Board is still accepting nominations for members in good standing, who might be interested in joining us in 2020.

As a reminder, your current Board seats between five to nine members, one of whom may be a representative of our Graduate Student Association (WSPAGS) while another may be assigned specifically to an Early Career Psychologist (defined as a psychologist within ten years of graduation). If you would like to nominate a colleague, please contact our Executive Director, Marvo Reguindin at and provide us with their name and contact information, and a brief rationale for your nomination. Self-nominations are also accepted and encouraged with a letter of interest. For more information, please review the Board Member Expectations and Board Member Recruitment & Election process documents. 

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, we hope you take a moment to thoughtfully consider this invitation. The Board oversees a wide range of important and exciting initiatives on behalf of Washington psychologists that range from continuing education, to various professional practice issues, to legislative advocacy. The list is simply too long to list in a brief message, and there are opportunities to develop or pursue your own initiatives that align with our vision and mission and might be of interest to you as a WSPA member and psychologist.

Lastly, on a more personal note, serving on the Board for the past few years has been one of the most rewarding, enriching experiences of my professional life. The Trustees are an outstanding group of colleagues, one that cares deeply about our profession and generously gives their time, energy, and passion to WSPA. You would be hard-pressed to find a more amazing groups of peers.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about leadership opportunities with WSPA. On behalf of the Board and staff at WSPA, please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for your membership, loyalty, and commitment to our Association. Ahead of the elections in December, I want to wish you a beautiful, peaceful, and joyful holiday season.