Board of Trustees Update


Next year four board members return in 2018 with two board members terming off. Outgoing board members are Russell Hanford, Ph.D., who served three years (two years as treasurer) and Andrea Pascarelli, Psy.D. who served two years, both years as Secretary. Returning Trustees are Dominika Breedlove, Psy.D., Hilda Campbell, Ph.D., Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D., and current board president, Sonia Venkatraman, Ph.D.

WSPA bylaws allow for a minimum of five and a maximum of seven trustees to sit on the board and new Trustees may be appointed throughout the year as needed. A ballot will soon go out with new candidates to serve on the board, including Dr. Breedlove who was appointed this past August to fill an open position on the board.

Board terms last two years and Trustees may serve two consecutive terms. Next year Drs. Campbell and Mackaronis will complete their first term and Dr. Breedlove will start her first term. With a relatively new board returning there was a great concern of who would fill the President’s role next year. The by-laws allow for officers to serve multiple years (which was confirmed by the advisory committee). After discussion by the current Trustees during the October board meeting, Dr. Venkatraman was asked to consider serving a second term as president to keep the momentum and consistency she established this year. She has agreed, and will be nominated for president by the Trustees at the January 2018 board meeting when officers are elected by the board.

Fall 2017, Volume 73, Issue 2.