Call for Nominations: Committee on Professional Practice and Standards (COPPS)


APA Committee on Professional Practice and Standards (COPPS) is a continuing committee that reports to Council of Representatives through BPA.  Its mission includes (1) development, review, and evaluation of professional practice guidelines for providers of psychological services; (2) consultation and other assistance to APA-related groups developing practice guidelines; and (3) monitoring, evaluation, and development information regarding the scientific and professional aspects of psychological services.

While all applicants will be given serious consideration, those with one or more of the following experiences are particularly encouraged to apply:

  • Background and expertise in (a) independent or institutional practice, emerging areas of practice; practice innovation; and evidence based practice; (b) graduate and postgraduate education and training in psychology, and supervision; (c) implementation / dissemination science; and, (d) ethics and licensure.
  • Background and expertise in (a) general applied psychology, health and non-health related; (b) psychology and the law; and, (c) clinical integration of behavioral health care and primary care services.
  • Familiarity or expertise in (a) record keeping and information management; (b) health information technology, electronic health records, and/or bioinformatics; (c) telehealth, telepsychology and social media; (d) quality measures and outcomes; (d) data analytics, and the management, integration, analysis and use of big data; and, (e) research design, methods, and measurement.
  • Knowledge of or expertise in psychological, neuropsychological and psychoeducational testing and assessment.
  • Due to the number of guidelines projects and consultancies under development at any given time, excellent leadership, facilitation, and/or project management knowledge, skills, and expertise are important.

Early career candidates and those new to APA governance are particularly encouraged to apply.  

Well-developed research, oral presentation, writing and editorial skills, as well as experience in guidelines development, are important assets to the Committee.  As always, BPA and COPPS seek candidates who will enhance the diversity of the Committee in every way, including: racial/ethnic groups, gender, areas of clinical expertise, experience with special populations, geographic location, and practice settings, including independent practice. APA governance experience is a plus.

Participation in COPPS requires a significant annual time commitment including two (2) meetings in Washington, DC, virtual work on individual projects averaging five (5) hours per month, and virtual meetings and calls.  (Note, one annual meeting may be held virtually.)  Committee members cannot serve simultaneously on another APA standing or continuing board committee.

There are currently three (3) appointments available on COPPS for three (3) year terms, beginning in January 2018. COPPS will review nomination materials and forward its recommendations to BPA, which will select the new members on or before its Fall 2017 Meetings.  All appointments are subject to approval by APA Board of Directors.  

The deadline for COPPS nominations is Friday, September 22, 2017.  Please send nominations materials, including (1) Brief Statement of Interest (up to 150 word description of personal/professional qualifications); and, (2) CV, along with an email confirming interest/willingness to serve, if selected, and current contact information to Sheila Kerr-Wilson (, Governance Operations, Practice Directorate.  (Note that nominators of other individuals are responsible for ensuring that these materials are submitted.)