Career Center

Fall 2016: Volume 72, Number 2

The WAPSYCH Career Center has a new look!

by Marvo Reguindin

Classified ads for employers and job seekers used to be embedded on the classified page of the website but were moved to the WAPSYCH Career Center last June.

This summer, we launched a new look for the WAPSYCH Career Center webpage to serve as a better resource for both Employers and Job Seekers. The new design is visually and navigationally more user friendly. Users with an account can login, search, update and view all areas on the device of your choice from desktop to tablets to smartphones.

Job seekers can now apply, search, and print from your mobile device. Employers can purchase their desired posting package and start listing jobs immediately. Employers can upgrade their posting to be included in the new diversity and veterans networks to increase their exposure to the specific candidates they are trying to reach.

The Career Center webpage is powered by Your Membership which is the same company that manages the back page of the WSPA website.