Chapter I

by Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D.

Our eastern Washington chapter took a break for the summer, with the exception of our first-ever summer clinical consultation meeting. Attendees agreed that the meeting should turn into an annual occasion, as the event turned out to be both fun and clinically useful. We have two chapter meetings/CE presentations left this fall, and I am already working on next year’s meeting/CE schedule. Members over here are interested in topics such as transgender issues, chronic pain management, motivational interviewing, telepsychology and related ethics/risk management issues, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and self-harm, and community psychology and prevention for our CEs.

chapter_1_mapChapter 1 members are also especially interested in more education around cannabis use, and are excited to have the cannabis-related CE workshop by Dr. Kendall Brown come to Spokane next spring. As we were discussing, this is an issue that uniquely impacts practitioners in states where cannabis is legal. Everyone present at the most recent meeting, regardless of their employment setting, believes it is a pressing clinical issue.

Members have been using our listserv for referral questions more often, which appears to have been helpful. We have also started a discussion about how to better take advantage of the reciprocal arrangement we have with the Idaho Psychological Association (IPA), as WSPA members can pay IPA member rates to their events, and vice versa for IPA members when they attend WSPA events.

Chapter 1 will advocate for a future WSPA annual convention to be held in Spokane again. With a lot of visionary leaders in Spokane, our city’s convention and tourism has increased in the past several years. Marvo has worked with Visit Spokane in the past and also see the potential. We will be looking for ways to actively collaborate with colleagues in Idaho and Montana.

We continue to look forward to strengthening our chapter and our connections with WSPA overall.

Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D.
Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center