Dr. Lucy Homans Announces Her Retirement as DPA


A letter from WSPA’s Director of Professional Affairs (DPA), Dr. Lucy Homans, was sent to the membership on August 30th announcing her retirement on December 31, 2018. As DPA, Dr. Homans served as a resource to licensed members with questions about clinical practice or the profession of psychology. She has also served as our lobbyist in the past.

In typical Lucy fashion, the letter begins “The time has come, the Walrus said, to speak of many things…” The thing of which I speak today is my retirement The letter went on to say that being DPA allowed her to do two things she enjoyed most, Psychology and Political Science. A copy of her letter is attached below.

WSPA is one of 16 state psychological associations with a Director of Professional Affairs and the benefit that a DPA has provided members for the past 25+ years is well noted. With Lucy’s help, the Board of Trustees will begin a search for her replacement within the WSPA membership and statewide.

When the email went out, many members responded with congratulations and fond memories of working with her in the past. The Board of Trustees and staff also have fond memories of her DPA reports and anecdotes during monthly board meetings. To make sure WSPA honors and recognizes Lucy for her decades of service, a special award will be given during the Washington Psychologist Awards Luncheon on November 2nd during the Fall Convention. Those who cannot attend the luncheon will also have the opportunity to honor Lucy during the no-host cocktail reception that evening from 6pm to 7:30 pm. The reception will be free and open to all convention attendees, WSPA members, and their guests. Both events are still in the planning stages, so please visit the WSPA Convention web pages for updates.

A memory book from all of the emails sent from Lucy’s retirement notice will be created. If you would like to send in a memory of Lucy to add to the book, please send it to WSPA@wapsych.org or use the online contact form on our website.


Update 9/17/18. For those not attending the convention, please register for this event at this link: https://mms.wspapsych.org/Calendar/moreinfo.php?eventid=12598