WSPA names Dr. David Wiesner new APA Federal Advocacy Coordinator

Fall 2018: Volume 74, Number 2

WSPA’s Federal Advocacy Coordinator position became available when Dr. Slaughter accepted the position as WSPA’s Director of Professional Affairs.

David C. Wiesner, Ph.D. is a recent newcomer to our state having previously practiced in North Carolina. He was a candidate for the DPA position which gave the selection committee the opportunity to interview and learn more about him.

In North Carolina, Dr. Wiesner served on the North Carolina Psychological Association (NCPA) board in several leadership positions for over 21 years including 1 year as President, 4 years as Treasurer, and 19 years as Legislative Chair. Most notably he had also been the Federal Advocacy Coordinator for North Carolina for the past 13 years and attended APA’s State Leadership/Practice Leadership for the past 15 years.

The Federal Advocacy Coordinator is a volunteer position requiring a high level of personal motivation and dedication to the advancement of professional psychologists. FACs should be familiar with current federal issues affecting the practice of psychology and should have a general understanding of our political system.  Most importantly, the Federal Advocacy Coordinator should be committed to strengthening the involvement of the psychologists in his/her state in advocating for legislation that advances the profession of psychology.

An overview or responsibilities include:

  • Responding to requests for grassroots action
  • Providing feedback on grassroots efforts to the regional field consultant and/or the Government Relations team, also in a timely fashion
  • Maintaining a grassroots network of psychologists in each Congressional district
  • Identifying at least one key contact for each member of the state’s Congressional delegation
  • Creating a contingency plan with the state association should the occasion arise that the FAC is unavailable to take time-sensitive action
  • Updating psychologists in your state on the status of current legislative initiatives
  • Attending the APA Practice Organization State Leadership Conference in Washington, DC each March and lead the state or territory delegation in planning and executing Hill visits during the Congressional lobby day at the end of the conference
  • Recruiting psychologists to join the APAPO Political Action Committee
  • Educating volunteers on the value of political giving and the importance of political action to the legislative agenda
  • Recognizing legislators from your state who support APA sponsored legislation
  • Honoring grassroots volunteers from your state who show initiative and leadership in federal advocacy

The position of FAC is made by an appointment from the board and we are fortunate to have found and interviewed a member with the experience and credentials to represent WSPA immediately.