Executive Director’s report on PLC

Photo of Executive Director, Marvo Reguindin
Spring 2017: Volume 73, Number 1

By Marvo Reguindin, Executive Director

This year, the APA State Leadership Conference (SLC) was renamed Practice Leadership Conference (PLC) which came with many changes to schedules and programming. One change is that Executive Director meetings known as the Council of Executives of State, Provincial (and Territorial) Psychological Associations (CESPPA) now only meet once a year 2 days prior to PLC. Executive Directors then have the option to attend PLC workshops and Cap Hill visits on the final day.

Last year my staff had just begun managing WSPA and with so much on my plate learning about the WSPA, and I opted to not attend SLC, but made a commitment to attend the CESPPA meeting 6 month later during the APA convention in Denver.  Prior to attending the Denver meeting, CESPPA executive council learned of my marketing and membership association background and asked if I would give a presentation on Branding and Membership Retention. Because of my leadership pension to speak up and participate in group situations, my name was brought up by several executive council members after the Denver meeting and I was invited to sit on the executive council. So, I attended my first PLC not as a first-time executive director but in a leadership position with CESPPA. At PLC, 36 executive directors were represented and five were first timers

Executive Directors from 36 States, Provincial and U.S. Territories attended PLC
A quick photo with APA President Dr. Tony Puente (2nd from left) and the executive directors from Hawaii and Guam Psych Associations.







During CESPPA meetings executive directors shared best practices and creative solutions for running a SPTA. The group discussed the challenges and roles of SPTAs on social issues and received updates on maintaining CE sponsor approvals. From APA staff, we received updates from APA Practice Orgs. (APAPO), and from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) we were updated on the status of the new Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology called EPPP2.

CESPPA Executive Board. I’ve been on this board for three months and am beginning to understand the issues and opportunities this board works on. Two issues the executive board has on the menu are exploring ways to support state Medicaid reimbursement for psychology interns’ services, and ECP licensure barriers, and providing mentorship to new executive directors.

After the CESPPA meetings were complete, the WSPA delegation attending PLC arrived. Dr. Lucy Homans, Dr. Samantha Slaughter, Dr. Nancy Goldov, and Dr. Cluadia Antuña were our veterans, while board president Dr. Sonia Venkatraman and I were the newbies. PLC allowed me to participate in additional workshops related to executive directors and learn about the upcoming lobby day on Capitol Hill.