Further Updates on SB 5800 / Volk


First, THANK YOU to everyone who emailed/called the Representatives in Olympia this week! Your voices were definitely heard. ūüôā I love to watch advocacy in action!

Hello Washington Psychologists! From all I am reading, the hearing in front of the State House Judiciary Committee regarding SB 5800, legislation that WSPA believes would rectify the Volk decision, went quite well. However, our work is not done. It appears that the Chair of the Committee, Representative Laura Jinkins, continues to express strong opposition to the bill and, as of the writing of this email, has not scheduled it for a vote in the House.
The Committee Chairwoman will make a decision whether to pass the bill out of her committee in executive session. If it does not pass out of her committee by March 29th, then it is dead for the session, and we are stuck with the results of Volk for now. If it does pass, it will go to the Rules Committee and then to the Floor of the House for a vote.
The panelists at today’s hearing clearly established the need for the Legislature to fix the holding in the Volk case. There were two panels of supporters this morning, one representing lawyers and one representing patients and providers.
Take Action Now! Contact your Representatives in the House and ask that the Representatives request SB 5800 be moved forward out of Committee with a “do pass” recommendation.
Let’s put the pressure on! We only have until March 29 to get the bill out of Committee. Not sure who your Representatives are?¬†Type in your home address on the¬†District Finder¬†to find your district and to locate your Representatives. If you have time to call their offices, please do so. If you only have time for an email, you can email them with the following email format: First.Last@leg.wa.gov
Want more information? Here is a link to info on the Volk decision. And here is info on SB 5800.
Our advocacy is working! Keep it up… duty to warn is too important of an issue for our clients, for the public, for us, and for our profession. Our duty to warn standards need to be clear, and SB 5800 will decrease the vagueness that the Volk decision has introduced.
Be proud of yourself for fighting for the profession of psychology in Washington State!
Email me directly if you have questions or want more info.
Samantha Slaughter, PsyD