Letters from Global Tech regarding CPT Codes


The following letter was sent to the WSPA Managing Office for distribution from APA

We’ve been hearing from members about letters sent by Global Tech on behalf of CMS about their usage of CPT codes.  These letters, which claim to be educational in nature, highlight billing practices that differ from the state or national averages for most other psychologists.  In some cases the reports appear to mirror efforts we’ve seen on the commercial side to tamp down use of 90837.  The letters educate psychologists about their claim history and remind them what the codes are to represent.

If you start hearing from your members about these letters, please assure them that APA is aware and we will be monitoring any subsequent actions.  Members should not panic about legitimate billing practices; but it’s a good time to remind them to follow CMS’s record keeping requirements to the “T” in order to avoid problems.

It’s worth noting that, thus far on the commercial side, we have seen no evidence of audits being conducted on psychologists who use 90837 more than their peers.  If you discover that audits ARE being conducted as a result of 90837 usage on the commercial side, please let me know ASAP.

If you or your members have concerns about the letters from Global Tech, please have them contact our Government Relations team at 202-336-5889 or by email at pracgovt@apa.org.

Connie Galietti, JD | Director, Legal & Professional Affairs
Practice Directorate | 202-336-5886 | cgalietti@apa.org

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