Greetings From Chapter I

Spring 2016: Volume 72, Number 1
by Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D.

Our eastern Washington chapter is about 40 members strong, with a majority of our members in Spokane and the immediate surrounding areas. When I stepped in as the president in January, attempting to fill the shoes of the very capable Dr. Stephanie Kuffel, it was a treat to hear how active Chapter 1 has been for so long. Some of the more longstanding members recall when there were 10 chapter meetings per year, and most of them have also served as president!

Chapter activity is a little more streamlined now to fit with busy schedules. We have four chapter meetings per year, with an hour of social and networking time and an hour of a continuing education (CE) presentation. Topics for this year include a relational approach to working with sexual compulsivity, obesity and binge eating disorder, current clinically-relevant psychopharmacological research being conducted at Washington State University in Spokane, and a neuropsychological talk given by our own Dr. Jameson Lontz. We’re adding a summer clinical consultation meeting for those interested, as well.

We are enjoying having Marvo and Sierra on this side of the state. Dr. Lucy Homans repeated her “Practice Check Up” over here in March, which quite a few members enjoyed and even drew several psychologists from Idaho. Marvo and I are also working together to see if we can offer either suicide- or ethics-related CE events here in the fall, as those topics are of perennial interest for licensure renewal.

Overall, Chapter 1 members are a lively and community-oriented group of colleagues and we’re looking forward to strengthening our chapter and our connections with WSPA overall.

Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D.
Neuroeducation, Inc., P.C.