WSPA approved for Homestudy CE


By: Marvo Reguindin, Executive Director

We recently received great news from APA’s Office of CE Sponsor Approval (CESA) that our Homestudy application has been approved to offer webinars. Homestudy webinars are self contained trainings that do not have a live presenter involved and can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days a week.

WSPA has had APA approval to provide live stream a workshop but we have not found an affordable solution to provide that opportunity. Unlike a Homestudy webinar, a live stream workshop must also include the ability and opportunity for those watching from their computers to ask questions via speaker or text. This also means having an assistant monitoring those streaming in and acting as a moderator.

Finding the right venue with state of the art equipment that charges an affordable price has been a challenge in the past. Currently Spokane’s WSU Health Sciences campus meets all of those requirements and we are looking forward to presenting our first live stream in 2020.