Spring 2016: Volume 72, Number 1
 by Marvo Reguindin

Founded in 1947 and incorporated in 1963, our articles of incorporation list WSPA’s purpose as A) To advance psychology as a science, as a profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare. B) To foster and maintain high standards of practice in the field of psychology, and C) To cooperate with other agencies and state organizations on problems of common concern.

We find those original statements still hold true today. We cannot exist as a membership association without our members. While we know there are many more professional organizations that are asking you to financially participate in their mission and vision we believe that as a professional psychologist your WSPA membership is one that you should continue to invest in.

WSPA can only be as strong as our membership base. Our membership is currently down by half from 814 members listed in 2014. There are many factors that account for this, but whatever the case, a diminished membership base has resulted in a severe loss of revenue for WSPA. As a result, strategic changes have been made to work with this reduced budget such as relocating the office and operations to Spokane and reducing the number of contract hours with your Director of Professional Affairs (DPA), Lucy Homans, Ed.D., and Lobbyist, Leslie Emerick, MPA.

Your membership and CE Workshop fees directly fund the work of your DPA and Lobbyist as they protect and advocate on behalf of your professional practice. With the changing environment of laws and policies that effect how Psychologists are allowed to bill patients, the time and energy of Lucy and Leslie is invaluable, but they cannot do it for free. Renewing your membership and encouraging your fellow Psychologists to become members will help increase the number of hours that Dr. Homans and Leslie Emerick can work for you.

We feel that even if you only use one of the many WSPA member benefits your membership fees quickly pay for itself. We are constantly working on providing new services and benefits for our members.  Sometimes it the small things that make your membership worthwhile. In the near future members can look forward to receiving a membership certificate and Office Depot purchasing card.

If your membership has lapsed, we encourage you to renew it at your earliest convenience. Today would be better than tomorrow and tomorrow better than never.