Mental-health therapists see uptick in patients struggling with post-election anxiety


Two WSPA members, Samantha Slaughter, Psy. D. and Marta Miranda, have been quoted in a Seattle Times article on the increase in election-related anxiety.

“I’ve seen lots of shock, fear and grieving,” said Seattle psychologist Samantha Slaughter. “I’ve had clients come in terrified and in tears about what they fear is going to happen. It’s been pretty hard on my caseload.”

Slaughter said she does not have clients who say they are Trump supporters, but as a member of the Washington State Psychological Association and other professional organizations, she is in contact with colleagues who do.


“I’ve had people come back to therapy because of this election,” said clinical psychologist Marta Miranda, who specializes in working with members of marginalized and oppressed communities.

“They feel that they are being targeted as members of a minority group, and they’re afraid,” she said.

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