New Membership Structure


Last fall we reported that the board was considering a new benefits-based membership structure which was approved by the board this spring. The new membership structure will be rolled out this summer prior to the Fall Convention. WSPA Membership will now have three primary membership categories, Basic, Premium, and Platinum, that will be based on membership benefits versus the number of years of licensure. Letters will go out explaining the new membership structure and the associated benefits. For new member, the pricing takes effect as soon as the website “Join WSPA” page can be updated.

Massachusetts, Georgia and Pennsylvania psychological associations currently use this membership structure with great success. Basic Membership is an affordable entry level for members who want to test the waters, Premium Membership includes an additional 10% discount at one day workshops and conventions, and Platinum Membership is designed for those who want to support WSPA at a higher level with a high 50% discount at conventions and a free stand-alone 3 CE workshop. This is a new category for WSPA.

A majority of WSPA members will fall into the Premium Member category with a one dollar increase from $349 to $350 that will take effect in 2018. Given that this is a new financial endeavor, we ask that Premium members stay in the new categories for at least two years to gain the benefits at this level before considering changing/downgrading their membership level.

First and second year new doctorates will transition to the Basic Membership that includes a rate increase to $175. While third year new doctorates will transition to the First year Premium Membership at $275. Fourth year New doctorates will transition to the $350 Premium membership.

A few membership levels will still be based on how recently one had been licensed. All new memberships are listed below:

Basic Membership – $175

New entry level (Previous: New Doctorate, 1st and 2nd year)

Member rates at CE workshops and conventions; E-newsletter; Annual report; Legal and legislative updates; Free insurance and managed care consultation with our Director of Practice Affairs; Free ethics consultation with a member of our Ethics Committee; Public service opportunities; Discounts through WSPA partners; Committee membership opportunities.

Premium Membership – $350

First year new membership and previous New Doctorate 3rd year – $275

New Doctorate 3rd year increases to $350 in 4th year.

All Basic level benefits plus:  Listing on WSPA’s Public Referral Webpage; Board of Trustees and committee opportunities; Legal consultations with a member of our JD, Ph.D. committee (up to two hours complimentary for new members); Additional 10% discount off member pricing on continuing education workshops and convention registrations; Free listing on telehealth referral webpage; Complimentary consultation on closing a practice.

Current board members and past presidents receive Premium at $250 each year.

Platinum Membership – $600

New entry level (no previous associated level)

All Premium and Basic Benefits plus:  Unlimited free classifieds on WSPA’s website; Recognition in WSPA publications; One free 3-hour CE workshop outside of conventions; 50% Convention registration discount; Special badging at conventions; Reserved seating and special recognition at the conventions.

Other Categories

Retired Membership (same as previous) – $130

Basic member benefits for psychologists who have been full members of WSPA, are now in retirement, and work less than 10 paid hours per week. This category requires that you are at least 65 years of age or otherwise receiving social security or retirement program benefits. This is not for members in part-time practice.

Emeritus Membership (Same as Previous) – $50

Premium member benefits for psychologists who are fully retired (no longer working), were Full/Premium WSPA members for at least 20 consecutive years, and would like to remain connected with WSPA, receive the WP, and attend WSPA conventions, workshops, and events.

Post Doctoral Membership – $100

New entry Level

Basic member benefits for psychologists who have received their doctoral degrees, are pre-licensure, and are actively engaged in a postdoctoral training program. Intermediate members may not hold elected positions within WSPA and are not voting members.

Student Membership – $35

This category is for students currently enrolled in a graduate program in Psychology or an undergraduate program with a focus on Psychology. Benefits:  Annual report; E-newsletter; Legal and legislative updates; Student CE workshop registration rates; Discounted convention registration; Involvement opportunities; Volunteer opportunities.