New WSPA Website and Web Address Launched!


Over the past 3 months, and especially in the past 3 weeks, WSPA staff has been working hard to launch a new website with details of the 2018 Fall convention. A soft launch was done late August in order to workout any immediate login and payment issues. Since the launch, Office Manager Sierra has been working on creating additional back-end features for members. With so many features available we will be creating Web Tip articles to introduce them to members.

The new website also comes with a new web address or Universal Resource Locator (URL):–which is a variation of  Anyone entering the old URL will be automatically re-directed to the new website. WSPA emails will also begin to change to have in a few months. It will take a few months for to appear on the first page of a web search.

The new website was designed by Thinking Cap, the marketing company owned by WSPA Executive Director, Marvo Reguindin. A different membership software company was also chosen to run the backend database which will solve a lot of the back end member management issues WSPA staff experienced with the old site.

The big update on the website is that it is now mobile friendly. The new site is designed to have a consistent look when viewed on a desktop, tablet, and smart phone. The primary navigation on the home page is presented as large button graphics that lead users to important sections and benefits that WSPA offers.

Interior pages have a similar standard format viewers are familiar with. Primary navigation from an interior page is achieved by clicking on the header to return the home page or using the Hamburger Navigation icon—the three horizontal lines typical on mobile devices— to display section links. A majority of the pages are now populated and continue to be edited and made more appealing with photos.

The new website is more user friendly and meant to be the “go-to resource” WSPA for members, potential members, psychology students, state legislators, and the public. Members will also find the members only section more user friendly.

We hope WSPA members enjoy the new website and begin to use the member features. If you find any typos, errors, or usability issues on the new website please email to bring them to our attention and they will be corrected or addressed quickly.


New desktop layout
New wspa website desktop layout


New tablet layout

New wspa website Tablet layout


New mobile layout