Our membership is on the rise!

Fall 2017: Volume 73, Number 2

After three years of declining membership, WSPA is back on track building our membership. As shown in the chart below we’ve had a 55% increase of renewing members and a 23% increase in new members from 2016.  This is attributed to introducing a new benefit based membership structure this past June that is seen as a welcomed and popular change by the membership. The member chart also shows a 30% increase in lapsed membership from last year, but we are hopeful those lapsed memberships are due to expired credit card information or changed emails and that we will gain those members back in 2018.

membership bar chartsWe can’t attribute the entire increase to the new membership structure. The work of our Board of Trustees, Director of Professional Affairs, Dr. Lucy Homans, our legislative lobbyist, and the responsiveness to members by our management staff is also plays a role in members finding additional value in their WSPA membership.

So, if you are pleased with your WSPA membership and the changes the association has made over the past few years, we encourage all our members to become a WSPA ambassador and encourage their peers and colleagues to join WSPA in 2018.

Fall 2017, Volume 73, Issue 2.