President’s Letter

Spring 2016: Volume 72, Number 1
by Bill Thorbecke Ph.D.

look forward to serving as your WSPA 2016 President.  We have a lot to accomplish this year. Our profession appears to be at a critical juncture with many challenges to our identity as psychologists, major changes resulting from the affordable care act, legislation allowing telemedicine services and likely passage of legislation for telehealth services, and major changes in research and educational services. WSPA governance continues to evolve to meet these challenges and provide oversight for a more effective and fiscally prudent association. We are currently in a rebuilding year with a new Executive Director where we believe we have the right mix of management services, fiscal checks and balances, volunteer services, and membership services to address our needs. This upcoming year will mark our first year with association management services provided by Thinking Cap Communications & Design, Inc. through our Executive Director Marvo Reguindin. We have been pleased by the effective array of services we have received so far. We are also pleased to continue to provide member services through Lucy Homans as our Director of Professional Affairs. Lucy has opted to no longer provide legislative lobbying services. We have put together a three month contract with Leslie Emerick for lobby consultation based in Olympia to be more focused and cut back on travel and expenses. We also have contracted with a professional accountant and bookkeeper to ensure accurate and timely financial information. The overall costs of our management services continue to be significantly reduced to reflect the realities of our changing professional environment.

In regards to 2016, we are excited to offer a series of focused continuing education workshops throughout the state to help our members negotiate the new practice environment. Last fall, we have vetted and approved Lilac City Billing Services to help practitioners run their practice more efficiently. A packet of guidelines for provision of telehealth services and a product we call “Psychology Practice In A Box” are being developed to help our members provide effective and current services. The very popular Practice Checkup workshop presented by Lucy Homans has been recorded and will be developed into webinars in the near future. We are also planning to partner with other nonprofit associations for future annual conferences that are broader in scope, that will attract new members, and are more cost-effective. I want to give special thanks to Lucy Homans who is working hard to see if there are some legal means to redress the thorny question of our reduced reimbursement for the primary CPT billing codes.

I am pleased to present the new 2016 WSPA Board of Trustees and volunteers and committees: Board of Trustees: President-elect Sonia Venkatraman, Secretary Andrea Pascarelli, Treasurer Russell Hanford, and Trustees Joanna Patten and Michael Badger.

Thanks to volunteers Marta Miranda our Representative to APA, Samantha Slaughter our Federal Advocacy Coordinator and Nancy Goldov our Public Education Coordinator.

A special thanks to our current committee members: Advisory Committee members are Thomas Roe, Marcia Wesley, and Samantha Slaughter; Finance Committee members are Marvo Reguindin, Russell Hanford, William Thorbecke, and Laura Asbell (past Treasurer).  Membership Committee members are Chris McCurry (past President and Chair) and Marvo Reguindin. CE Accreditation members are Susan Y. Lin Chair.  CE Planning Committee; Members are Marvo Reguindin, William Thorbecke, and Joanna Patten. The Ombuds Committee includes Ruth Paige and Dennis Dennis.

Our Washington State Psychological Foundation Board is Jennifer Rough, Chair; Meghan Juretic, Treasurer; Josie Tracy, Secretary; and board members Angela Agelopoulos, Sara Smucker-Barnwell, Sarah Sullivan-Singh, Becky Fraynt, and Lisa Abdilova, The Ethics Committee includes Laura Asbell, Lis McCrea Jones, Bob Maurer, on the call line are Stephanie Kuffel, Pamela Ridgway, Diane DeWitt, and Carol Moore.

The United Psychologists PAC board members are Cindy Chen, President, Andy Benjamin, Jane Jacobs, Tim Popanz, Russ Freeland, Samantha Slaughter, Bill Thorbecke, Marvo Reguindin

WSPA has been representing psychologists since 1947. Your membership, volunteerism, and service are highly appreciated. Let us all join together and guide our profession through this challenging environment. Thanks to everyone for your commitment.


Bill Thorbecke
2016 Board of Trustees, President