Spring 2018 Foundation Update

WSPF team partnering with Refugees Northwest for the winter drive
Spring 2018: Volume 74, Number 1

As the charitable nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) affiliated with WSPA, we devote our time to highlight and support the mental health needs of our Washington communities.

For the past year, WSPF has been focusing our efforts to support refugee mental health by partnering with Refugees Northwest, an incredible local agency that provides culturally-sensitive evidence-based psychological services and coordinating multidisciplinary care for immigrant and refugee individuals and families in King County.

This winter, we hosted a successful Winter Clothing Drive and Food Drive to benefit individuals seeking fleeing persecution in their home countries and seeking safety through asylum here in Washington. Additionally, we have recruited ever more licensed mental health professionals to provide volunteer psychological evaluators for asylum cases. We are ever in awe of your generosity. Quick note: if you are interested in providing evaluations, there is great need. See below for details for an upcoming training and events to support Refugees Northwest.

This work continues to be wonderfully rewarding and received with much gratitude by Beth Farmer and her team at Refugees Northwest. Last fall, I sat down with Margaret Larson, journalist and long advocate of refugee and immigrant rights, to discuss the cause of refugee mental health and why we are devoted to help. Read Margaret’s lovely recap here.

**Our honest truth: We want to be able to do more.**

We are a small team, calling for more heads and hands on deck to help organize events and coordinate resources. Together, we could broaden our support and deepen our impact for our local communities in need.

If you have experience or interest in volunteer outreach through WSPF, simply contact us via email with any thoughts or questions, or join one of our upcoming meetings to learn more about what we do. There is no minimum commitment.

This year, we will also be considering our next community of focus. If you have knowledge or expertise on a local community in need, we would love to collaborate and brainstorm how we can help.

How to Volunteer:

  • Join us for any of our monthly meetings to learn more
  • Contact us with any questions – on current or prospective projects or how to get involved

Upcoming WSPF Meetings:

  • Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 10:00 am–12:00 noon
  • Location: Tallulah’s  (Because, delicious)

Contact Us:


Thank you!