Support State Candidates that Support Psychology


Dear Fellow Psychologists,

Now that the primary elections have passed and we are getting ready for the general, mid-term elections on November 6th, we would like to remind you to consider a donation to UP-PAC, Washington State Psychological Association’s Political Action Committee.

We want to support state legislative candidates invested in our profession so they can support us. Giving to the election campaigns of state candidates who support the following three key issues helps strengthen WSPA’s public policy and legislative voice.

  1. Amend the current “Duty to Warn” law (the state Supreme Court “Volk” decision). Volk expanded duty to warn to any possible victim including those a client has never identified. This will have a chilling effect on providers’ willingness to accept into treatment any potentially violent client.
  2. Access to effective mental health services. As provider reimbursement drops fewer psychologists are able to stay on insurance panels. Our overhead and costs continue to rise, not fall. This is a statewide problem, both rural and urban.
  3. Support the state budget funding that addresses the opioid crisis and allows access to appropriate and effective non-prescription alternatives to pain management.

So far this year UP-PAC has raised 53% of our $10,000 goal and with help from all WSPA members, associates, and friends donating a little we can easily reach the other $4700.

Please consider making an UP-PAC donation today of $50, $100, $150 or a level that fits your finances so that our contribution can get to the candidates who can have the greatest impact as we head into the election campaign season.  Secure donations can be made at our new website by clicking here.

Remember that UP-PAC Grassroots Advocates hand deliver our campaign contribution to state candidates and inform them of the legislative and policy issues currently most relevant to Washington psychologists.

Thank you for your support!



Shelley Mackaman, Ph.D.
Chair, United Psychologists Political Action Committee

2018-2019 UP-PAC Board

Shelley Mackaman, Ph.D., UP-PAC Board Chair
G. Andrew Benjaman, JD, Ph.D. ABPP, Grassroots Chair
Samantha Slaughter, Psy.D.
Carol Moore, Ph.D.
Catherine MacLennan, Ph.D.
Barry Anton, Ph.D.
Ruth Paige, Ph.D.
Cindy Chen, Psy.D., Past Chair
Sonia Venkatraman, Ph.D., WSPA Board President
Lucy Homans, Ed.D., WSPA Director of Professional Affairs, Ex Officio
Marvo Reguindin, WSPA Executive Director, Ex Officio