WSPA Web Tip: Member Section


WSPA’s member section on the new website is a big improvement from the old site. If you had been a member before the site was launched on August 15, 2018, your username and email from the old website will be the same but a new password will be required to log in for the first time.

The member section will give access to member only pages on legal consultation, professional affairs consultation, and ethics consultation. Member only pages on starting a practice, maintaining a practice, and closing a practice are in development.

Members will find a cleaner and improved member dashboard upon login shown below. The Member Menu on top feature icons that allow members to search for other members, view and register for events at member rates, participate in chapters, groups and committee blogs, and view governance documents. Membership Information is found below the icons which will allow members to change their profile info and view membership billing.


The new website is now mobile and tablet friendly which we feel will make the new site the new go-to resource for members. If you are viewing this article from your smart phone or tablet, give the back end a try by logging in from this link: