Treasurer Hunt: Board of Trustees Seeking Financial Experience and Additional Board Members

Spring 2017: Volume 73, Number 1


This year, we will take a more pro-active approach and reach out to our membership all year seeking members who would like to take a leadership role with WSPA. A key position the Board of Trustees is looking to fill soon is the Board Treasurer. After faithfuly serving his first two-year term our current Treasurer, Dr. Russell Hanford, has informed the board that his bandwidth has changed and he will need to step down in a few months if not sooner. WSPA bylaws allow the board to seek a replacement Trustee to serve out the term and appoint the candidate without an immediate vote of the membership.

Sitting on the board is open to all WSPA members and, it is not uncommon for boards to seek out specific skill sets from outside of the membership for a position such as a Treasurer. Non-member candidates would need to become a WSPA member to have final appointment to the board.

If you, or if you know someone with financial experience is interested in sitting on the board please submit your CV and a letter of interest our Executive Director by email.

Role of the Treasurer and Key Responsibilities

  1. Review monthly financial reports and bank statements provided by staff
  2. Assist in developing a budget with the Executive Director
  3. Provide a financial report to the Board and membership at annual stakeholder’s meeting
  4. Ensure that accurate financial records are kept by staff
  5. Develop polices to ensure financial health of the organization and work with the Board to develop a budget that addresses strategic priorities.

Helpful Knowledge/Skills
Helpful to know how to use a spreadsheet on a computer

  1. Experience with budgets and accounting
  2. Knowledge of the operations of WSPA
  3. Overall fiscal knowledge of business practices
  4. Organizational skills.


About the Board

The current board has five trustees, the minimum allowed by the bylaws they are (L to R):




  1. President Sonia Venkatraman, Ph.D.
  2. Treasurer Russell Hanford, Ph.D.
  3. Secretary Andrea Pascarelli, Psy.D
  4. Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D
  5. Hilda Campbell, Ph.D.

Our bylaws allow for a maximum of seven board members and in the past the search to add new Trustees happened in the fall, often at the last moment. New Trustees appointed by the board during the year and are placed on the ballot in November for an official vote of the membership with any additional candidates to the board.

The WSPA Board of Trustees help to shape the future of the mental health profession in Washington and nationally by setting the goals and strategic direction in which we approach our legislative priorities. The role of the board is to vote on official WSPA actions and have fiduciary responsibilities to association, and the board operates using Keesey Rules of Modern Parliamentary Procedure.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Participating in board governance concerning the association
  • Chair and/or serve on ­­ or task forces
  • Attend board meetings
  • Engage in consistent communication with association members and officers
  • Volunteer to work on projects of interest and follow-up with further initiatives based upon project results.

Helpful Knowledge/Skills include:

  • Good leadership and brainstorming skills
  • Basic management knowledge
  • High level of energy and commitment
  • Knowledge of business, marketing or recruiting skills
  • Interest and enthusiasm