United Psychologists PAC (UPPAC) Update

UPPAC Donate Graphic
Spring 2018: Volume 74, Number 1
By: Lucy Homans, Ed.D.
Director of Professional Affiars

For those un familiar with United Psychologists PAC (UPPAC) it is the WSPA political action committee.

Washington State, indeed the entire nation, is gearing up now in anticipation of the 2018 mid-term elections. Why now? The answer is that it is now 30 days after the close of the 2018 Legislative Session and elected officials (all your state representatives) are forbidden by law to engage in political fundraising until 30 days after any legislative session (this is of course another reason why legislators hate special sessions – all their opponents who are not elected can fund raise while they cannot) and the state primary is August 2nd. Time is short.

This means that time is also short for UPPAC to raise funds to donate to state candidates who support WSPA’s political priorities. So now WSPA is asking you to donate to the PAC.  In the past, the PAC Board has asked every WSPA member to donate the equivalent of one hour of your clinical time to the PAC. To be clear, let’s make that an amount that you believe your clinical time to be worth,  not what an insurance company mandates. Here’s a little quick math: if WSPA has only 400 members, and we all decided to donate $150, the PAC would have $60,000 to donate to the candidates of our choice.

The Board will meet after the May 15 candidate filing deadline to make decisions about which candidates to support.

Remember, our state legislators make decisions not only about regulation of our practices but also about how our clients may access and receive mental health services. They need to hear from us about our priorities as psychologists. So give an hour – or more! And, help us by offering to meet with your state Legislators, to deliver checks and talk with them. This is the kind of activity that we have years of training for and are really good at!

To donate to UPPAC on our website, please click on this link. To donate by check, please make the check out to UPPAC or United Psychologists PAC and mail to the WSPA’s management office:
Washington State Psychological Assoc.
9 S Washington St., STE 201
Spokane, WA 99201