UP-PAC Elects New Board Chair


This past June the United Psychologists Political Action Committee (UP-PAC) met to elect new board members and a new board president. Dr. Cindy Chen, resigned as UP-PAC President because her personal obligations did not allow her the bandwidth to continue on the UP-PAC board.

Shelley Mackaman, Ph.D.
Dr. Shelley Mackaman, 2018-2019 UP_PAC Board President

New board members elected to server a three-year term are Dr. Shelley Mackaman from Redmond, Dr. Carol Moore from Spokane, and Dr. Catherine MacLennan from Omak.

Dr. Mackaman was also nominated and elected as UP-PAC board president. She has been a member of WSPA since 2005 and sees the benefit of a united UP-PAC and WSPA to promote psychology, influence policy and legislation, and uniting psychologist to support each other for the benefit of our community and society as a whole.

One of Dr. Mackaman’s goals is to develop a membership culture of giving to UP-PAC throughout the year through more communications and events such as a member field trip to the Capitol. Dr. Mackaman also happens to be a WSPA Trustee, and fortunately there is no conflict of interest as she does not currently have an executive leadership position on the WSPA board.

The new UP-PAC Board Directors consists of:

Shelley Mackaman, Ph.D., UP-PAC Board Chair
G. Andrew Benjaman, JD, Ph.D. ABPP, Grassroots Chair
Samantha Slaughter, Psy.D.
Carol Moore, Ph.D.
Catherine MacLennan, Ph.D.
Barry Anton, Ph.D.
Ruth Paige, Ph.D.
Cindy Chen, Psy.D., Past Chair
Sonia Venkatraman, Ph.D., WSPA Board President
Lucy Homans, Ed.D., WSPA Director of Professional Affairs, Ex Officio
Marvo Reguindin, WSPA Executive Director, Ex Officio