Update from UP-PAC (United Psychologists-Political Action Committee)

Fall 2018: Volume 74, Number 2

We are so pleased to wrap up our 2018 mid-term election season with such success from our PAC. Together, you contributed over $8147 in support of political candidates that can help us with public policy that supports psychologists and the mental health concerns of the citizens of Washington.  Your contributions ranged from $50 to $500 earning us enough for us to fund twenty-eight candidates with a PAC donation of either $200 or $300; allowing us to make a contribution to every candidate we had hoped. Candidates were identified across the state, from both sides of the aisle that had committee influence for many of our issues and might be legislative advocates for psychologist’s concerns. Local psychologists who had previously volunteered to be Grassroots Advocates made appointments to meet with each candidate to offer our PAC contribution. Armed with talking points, the Advocates informed the candidates of current concerns affecting Washington psychologists including the Volk decision, reimbursement issues, and the opioid crisis.

Feedback from the Grassroots Advocates included:

“Macri (43LD) is a fabulous new rep. who is supportive of all of our issues.”

“Pederson (43LD) supports two or three of our issues and said he would reconsider his support of the trial bar for expanding the scope of liability through Volk.  He asked for our amicus brief and entertained my arguments for narrowing the scope of liability.”

 “To summarize, I found Senator Liias (21LD), the Senate Floor Leader, to be very receptive, insightful, self-disclosing, and pleasant and it appeared we had a mutually enjoyable and engaging conversation.  He spoke highly of WSPA and said it’s a well-respected organization within the Legislature.” WSPA and the UP-PAC committee would like to express our appreciation of your support of our legislative candidates. When we help support our legislators, they can help support us.  Thank you.