WSPA members in the news


Better late than never to highlight a WSPA member in the news! An article on the APA Practice Central website last October features a quote from member Tyson Bailey. The “Running Start” articles are geared toward early career psychologists working in practice settings. This article focused on Insurers.

Negotiate if possible. When it comes to reimbursement rates, “it’s really a take it or leave it situation unless you have a big enough group to come to the negotiating table,” says Tyson Bailey, PhD, a partner in Spectrum Psychological Associates in Lynnwood, Washington. “An insurer is going to fight harder to keep a big, multidisciplinary group than a smaller practice,” he says. But there may be exceptions, adds Londoño-McConnell. If you have a high-demand specialty, you’re bilingual or it’s an underserved area, she says, it may be worth trying.