Membership Update

Membership level bar graph
New membership reports show a more gradual decline in membership, but also suggests the decline has leveled off with a 3% attrition from 2016-2017
Spring 2018: Volume 74, Number 1 
By: Marvo Reguindin
Executive Director

2017 New member countLast June we introduced a new benefits-based membership model which we are finding to be more appealing than the old membership model. The old model that most state psychological associations use have member levels based on the number of years since licensure. When we pulled a 2017 New Member we were thrilled to see we had gained 88 new members with over half being at the Basic Level and Students.

Last fall I reported in the 2017 Fall WP that WSPA membership numbers were on the rise only to find that the online dashboard graphs generated by our membership software (and the basis of my report) were flawed. The online dashboard graphs did not match other membership reports we pulled which we feel are more accurate. The Active Member Reports showed that WSPA membership numbers were actually 3% lower in 2017 than 2016 which is good news considering the membership attrition rate from 2015 to 2016 is 17%.

Since January of this year we’ve gained 26 new members and membership renewals for 2018 have already outpaced our projections for the first quarter. We are already 29% towards matching last year’s new member count and I feel that the declining membership from the past three years has leveled off. The current board is committed to introducing new ideas and programs to engage WSPA members and increase membership. My optimistic outlook is that WSPA will begin to experience an exciting renaissance going forward.