WSPA Supporter Campaign

Fall 2017: Volume 73, Number 2

WSPA is the sole voice for advocacy for psychologists within the state, and this is especially important when it comes to legislation and corporate policies that affect mental health professionals. In 2018, we will introduce a WSPA Supporter Campaign based on public broadcasting models such as NPR to allow non-members, medical facilities, other mental health professionals, non-psychologists such as your family and friends, and even clients to make donations in support of WSPA’s legislative and advocacy work.

An excellent example of WSPA’s advocacy work this year is regarding an incorrect interpretation of a new state law for licensing applied behavior analysts. We are currently monitoring Duty to Warn/Protect and an interstate compact agreement called PsyPact—all three examples are reported in the Dr. Lucy Homans’ DPA report. (link to Lucy’s report).  In 2015 our advocacy through the Office of the Insurance Commissioner resulted in Regence BlueShield retracting its internal policy to pay CPT Codes 90834 and 90837 CPT Codes at the same rate–a big win for Washington’s mental health practitioners.

WSPA is fortunate to be one of 16 state psychological associations with a DPA and a lobbyist. The work done by our DPA and our part time lobbyist often effects the profession of psychology or benefits non-member psychologists in the state. Due to WSPA budget cuts in 2015, Dr. Homans’ hours were reduced and the Board of Trustees has since struggled to reinstate her hours while increasing lobbying hours. We feel that a WSPA Supporter Campaign will help bridge the DPA and lobbying funding gap to ensure our advocacy and legislative wins continue to support psychologists and mental health professionals across the state.

Fall 2017, Volume 73, Issue 2.