WSPA Welcomes the 2018 Board of Trustees


Welcome to 2018, WSPA members!  The WSPA office would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new 2018 board members. Shelley Mackaman, Ph.D., Casey Ward, Psy.D., and Debbie Shapiro, Psy.D., who have all been long term WSPA members. With the addition of the returning trustees Chapters 1, 2, 4, and 5 (four of six) are now represented. WSPA is truly a statewide organization and it’s great to see that represented on our board as well.

We’d also like to welcome our returning board members, President Sonia Venkatraman, Ph.D., President Elect Dominika Breedlove, Psy.D., Secretary Hilda Campbell, Ph.D., and Treasurer Julia Mackaronis, Ph.D. Bios on the new board can be found our our primary website by clicking here.  Since the 2018 Board is relatively new to Board expereince, at the January board meeting Sonia was re-elcted as Board President to ensure continuity from 2017 and to facilitate a smooth transition in leadership heading into 2019.

The board of trustees met recently on January 20th to get a legislative update from our Director of Professional Affairs, Dr. Lucy Homans, and began working on the 2018 strategic plan which will include stand alone workshops and a Fall Convention.