WSPAGS revival

Fall 2019: Volume 75, Number 2

After a period of dormancy, we are currently in the process of revitalizing WSPA Graduate Students (WSPAGS) for graduate students, doctoral interns, and postdoctoral fellows in our state. Our small but energetic committee includes Madeline Brodt, a doctoral intern at the American Lake VA, and Madeline Guizar, a graduate student at Northwest University, who have been providing invaluable insight about how WSPAGS might best serve its constituency. Also on the committee are Dr. Dominika Breedlove, Dr. Julia Mackaronis, and Dr. Samantha Slaughter.

One of our primary efforts this year has been making outreach visits to Washington graduate programs, internships, and fellowships to talk with students about WSPA, WSPAGS, and their professional development needs. Dr. Slaughter has taken the lead on these visits, and some combination of all of us have been to Northwest University, the University of Washington Counseling Center, the University of Puget Sound Counseling Center and the University of Washington – Tacoma, Washington State University, Antioch University, and the internships and/or fellowships at Columbia Valley Community Health, HealthPoint and Community Health of Central Washington, the Seattle VA, and the Spokane VA.

Our hope is that having more regular contact with students throughout the state will help us empower students to build WSPAGS from the ground up, and know that WSPA is committed to working for all psychologists, including those at the beginning of their professional journeys. We’ve already had some success, and would welcome any WSPA members interested in connecting with the next generation of psychologists to join us for our virtual online meetings to help us keep the momentum going! Please email Dominika, (, Julia (, or Samantha ( to learn more.