WSPA’s Disaster Resource Network (DRN)

Rodney Jong, LMFT (left) and Wren Hudgins, Ph.D. staffing the DRN table during the WSPA 2019 Fall Convention
By Debbie Shapiro, Psy.D.
WSPA Disaster Resource Network Coordinator
Fall 2019: Volume 75, Number 2

WSPA’s Disaster Resource Network (DRN) is in the process of building a community of psychologists committed to humanitarian and clinical involvements during times of human-made and natural disasters, which unfortunately is on the rise. As psychologists, we have had a long standing tradition and commitment to providing humanitarian and psychological support during times of need. 

With the continuing increase in mass violence, natural disasters and various forms of terrorism there is a growing need to assist those who have been affected by such devastating events. We as psychologists have the unique skill set, training and expertise to provide resources, education, trainings as well as relief to workers, including first responders, survivors, survivors’ families and communities that have been affected by a catastrophic event whether it be an earth quake, mass shooting or other traumatizing events caused by wild fires, loss of home, loved ones, pets and other devastating misfortunes. Please help us revitalize this tradition, of helping those in need, during these uncertain times. 

The Washington State Psychological Association is currently partnering with the APA and the American Red Cross and are in the process of looking into partnering with other local and state agencies. A table was set up during the fall convention which received a lot of positive response and psychologists interested in joining WSPA’s Disaster Relief Network. For those of you ready to get started I invite you to view the eligibility qualifications and join the Red Cross and begin their free on line training. Even if you don’t have time to volunteer now the Red Cross training will help streamline the process and give you access in the event of a local, state and/or national disaster.  If interested you can start by taking a free online 30 minute American Red Cross training on Disaster Mental Health.  Feel free to contact, Rodney Jong, once you get started should you have any questions or would like assistance and support.  You can reach him by email, or cell phone at 206-499-9325.  I am also available for questions and you can reach me at (206) 920-9468.  Stay tuned for more soon.

Debbie Shapiro, Psy.D
Clinical Psychologist
WSPA Board of Trustees
WSPA DRN Coordinator